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  • Some client results include:

  • Caroline - social athlete to professional triathlete.
  • Jamie - social athlete to professional triathlete.
  • Warren - winner of the national fat-loss-athon.
  • Jay - obesity to the body building stage.
  • Gina - beginner to multi ironman competitor and national representative.
  • Alli - beginner to national representative in one season then placed 38th in the world triathlon champs.
  • Rhona - qualified for and placed top 20 at the World Ironman Championships in Hawaii.
  • Michelle - social athlete to Australian triathlon champion placing 5th in the world.
  • Libby - beginner to marathon runner and 100km trail walker competitor.
  • Clinton - lost 20kg and conquered the half marathon in the process.
  • Joe - overweight to 7% body fat.
  • Mark - obese to the body building stage.
  • Maria - achieved her marathon dream and did another 13 becoming an elite age group runner.
  • Jodie - conquered the marathon.
  • Tom - social athlete to 18th at the world tri champs.
  • Jacqui - conquered the marathon.
  • Marion, James, Jamie, Louise, Sarah and a long list of successful weight loss and summer shred success stories.
About Me


John Reidy


  • MBA Entreprenuership

  • Diploma of Fitness

  • Cert 4 in WHS

  • Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness 



  • Ridden a world ranked bull in Colorado

  • Free climbed 200ft in Texas.

  • Surfed the north shore of Hawaii. 

  • Mountain biked across Alaska.

  • Run with the bulls in Pamplona.

  • Surfed highest commercial waterfall in NZ.

Sporting Achievements:

  • 6th  Ultraman World Triathlon Champs.

  • Twice Australia's Toughest Cop Alive & 3rd in the world.

  • 13th in the Cliff Young 6 Day Race.

  • Police Olympic Decathlon, Pole Vault & 400 hurdle Champion.

  • Police Olympic podium in track & field, swimming, bodybuilding obstacle course & rodeo.

  • 2nd in National 24 hour run Championships.

  • 3rd in Australia & Multiple NSW Jnr Pole Vault titles.

  • Australian representative in triathlon.

  • 13th at Decatriathlon World Champs (S 38km, B1800km R 422km).

  • 1st Australian 'Classic' Body Building Champion.

  • Coached social athletes to professional status.

  • Trained the winner of the 2010 national fat loss athon.

  • Motivational speaker and host of fitness products on commercial television.






I came to John when I was in a pretty bad place in my life and wanted to get into running but wasn't sure where to start.  I had no idea at that point just dramatically John would change my life - and me in the process.  

After a few years of training John suggested I move into triathlon and guaranteed me he'd get results.  At the time I couldn't swim 25 metres and couldn't ride a bike.  18 months later I'd qualified for the Australian team and raced at the 2018 World Championships.  

Those results speak for themselves.  If you want to change your life and you're looking for someone who has an undisputed track record of success, get on board with John Reidy.



As a young athlete I trained hard but had no real direction. Unable to achieve quality results I eventually teamed up with John. After one program I won my pro triathlon licence.  Words cannot express how important this was to me.

When my friend Jay needed real help to lose weight I made her see John and it changed her life.  When my friend Alli needed some quality guidance I made her see John, and the transformation she went through was truly inspiring.

John is not your average coach.  He has a passion for sport and an ability to motivate positive change that is unmatched.  If you are serious about a health or fitness goal, do yourself a favour and call John at Fit Aussie.



I first started training with John about decade ago when I was turning 50.  I told him that I had dreamt of running a marathon but believed that it was beyond me.  John seen a strength in me I didn't see myself.  14 weeks later I did my first marathon in 3 hours 57 minutes and was amazed I could be that strong.  


I went on to do another 15 marathons including dream races in New York and Athens.  My running fitness has become an integral part of my life.  

I'm in my 60's and just last week finished another marathon stronger than a lot of fit young men half my age. John's programming has given me a strength that it invaluable - and life changing.  If you are looking for a trainer, you must call John.




Address:   No Services Available ATM.

Phone:      0422 56 83 56




Insta:        _john_reidy


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