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Snippet from the paper in the 80's

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Growing up in an underprivileged area we certainly didn't have a stash of cash floating around. The kids at our school however turned out to be exceptional athletes - we had more rep's at Pacific School Games than any school in the country.

If it wasn't for teachers like Mr Mac, and parents like Mr Carter we would have never developed as athletes like we did. Funny trips in the combi with the javelins and the missing shuttle-cocks. And special kids with bandages wrapped around their heads in the back of Mr Carters car. lol.

Paper snippet here from the local paper attempting to raise cash for the nationals. "under 17 pole vaulter John reidy may have an even better chance because of the lower age group. It depends on whether he can get used to his new pole. The old one snapped". lol - with me on it. They were the days.

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