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Chookie - Fit Aussie's first client.

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Over the next few weeks I will attempt to spread the PT message around my new location on the Gold Coast. So lets go back to the beginning. Many years ago @Caroline Lean also known as Chookie, asked me to trainer her for triathlon. She wasn't performing strong enough to qualify for the World Champs and really wanted to get into the Aussie team.

After the initial assessment, everyone thought I was crazy taking her out of racing to focus on her weaknesses. Returning to racing a couple of months later, things got really exciting. The local races she struggled to place in, she won - easily. She placed 3rd in her first qualifying race ensuring her spot on the Aussie team. She placed 3rd in the national titles. She placed 11th in the World Championship. She was awarded a professional licence. She won a $10,000 sponsorship. Then she was paid to race pro around the world. It was an exciting journey.

It turned out I had a bit of a knack for programming athletes which would soon turn into a passion. Chookie went on to battle it out on the pro circuit and also win national titles, and it all started with some painful miles on the seat of a bike in the old home town of Cairns.

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John Reidy
John Reidy
24 sept 2019

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